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These squishy velvet pudding decorations make a cute Christmas addition to any home. With fleece icing, fluffy red berries and crushed velvet holly 


Perfect for;

- Adding that festive vibe to your windowsill or mantelpiece

- Ideal for cute Christmas photoshoots with your babies and/or fur-babies

- Reusable for every year!


Size guide*;

Regular - approx 18cm wide x 13cm high (excluding holly)

Large - approx 25cm wide x 16cm high (excluding holly)


*Puddings may be slightly squashed in transit - fluff them up to their normal plumpness again with a few squishes


Please note: These are home decor items only. They are NOT children's toys and shouldn't be left unattended with young children.


Please allow up to 7-10 days for delivery

Crushed Velvet Christmas Pudding Decorations

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